SEO or search engine optimization mean different things to different people. The common myth is that you can optimize pages to appear #1 in the search results hower that is not true at all.

The search engines define SEO and optimizing pages so the content is clear, visable and understandable to their crawlers. If a page is full of pictures with writing on them the search bot cannot read the text on the images, this makes the page almost invisable to the automated program that is trying to read the page. So optimizing the page would be to convert the image based text into actual HTML text that the bot can harvest and add to the index database.

The snake oil sales people or SEO experts offer you top placement in the search engines for various fees. Since everyone thinks that is the way to a successful website they pay the fees breeding moer and more scammers looking to take your money for useless services.

Anyone that promises any type of search engine placement is lying and is a fruad. That is because they have absolutely no conrol of the search engines. Companies like google spend millions of dollars to make sure that they can't manipulate the results.

While it would be nice if I could pay $100 a month for SEO services and get to #1 in google is it just not possible.

There are a few things that will help and that are recomended by the serch engines. We will try to discuss in this list of articles just how to do that yourself without "Professional" help.

If you do decide to use a "Professional" SEO expert, make sure they are doing the correct things to your website and are not making any promises of success. If they are not reworking the actual pages on your website they are not doing anything for you. Without the correct contenxt in your HTML it does not matter how much you do or spend, the search engines won't list your pages.

Common Mistakes
  • No text on home page
  • No links to internal pages
  • Low number of pages
  • Heavy graphics
External SEO
  • Having extrenal sites link to yours
  • Placing links in forums and blogs
  • Submitting articles to other websites

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