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Review: is a second generation of software development by a small home based family business. Fast and reliable support directly from the owners it it truely one of the web's hidden treasures. Imagine, real people that you can talk to! What a unique concept.

With a full online site builder allows anyone to build an e-commerce enabled website in minutes. Run a web store with 2500 products, process credit cards or sell using Paypal as the payment system. pageBuzz has it all and with a price anyone can afford.

The concept of this company is to stay small, work with individual site owners and not developers. To provide programming and software at a fraction of the price of the competitors and with features unique to them.

They offer many online tools, a help section that very extensive and informative even for those people that have never built a website before. Advanced tools for experienced developers takes this host one level above the other site builder platforms. The ability to use their programming while using advanced CSS designs built by independent webmasters.

They have a full online working demo that anyone can try. Just login and give it a whirl! You wont be disapointed.

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Features: Shopping cart, affiliate program, secure server access with invoice searching and extended records. Mail forwarding allowing mail at Online site builder, extended programs such as an online classified, auction, forum, calculators and even widgets you can add to pages. It seems like they have thought of everything and then some.

Upside: There are no bandwidth fees or ceilings, no extra charges ever even if you tie up the support line day after day. Even the most inexperienced people can run a website or online shopping cart with advanced features. This system makes the average Joe competivive with webmasters with years of experience.

Downside: The only real downside is that you have to use the online site builder to construct pages and that you can only build 1000 pages in addition to the programming. It's not really a downside if you line the web based Content Management System and don't require FTP access. But for the individual looking to upload 10,000 videos, family photos or build tens of thousands of pages, this will definetly fall short of your needs.

Rating: ***** (5/5)

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