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Review: GoDaddy offers more than any other company online and they do it better than anyone else. From domain registrations to full racks of server clusters they can provide the tools you need to run your small home based business or a corporate datacenter. They offer SSL certificates, e-commerce shopping carts, a web based site builder, FTP access, CGI capabilities and much more. What they do not offer is unlimited plans normally associated with companies of poor service and low reliability. GoDaddy has set the standard in hosting which all other companies are trying to achive.

Features: Domain registration, hosting, site builder, direct ftp and ssh access, vps, dedicated servers, marketing services, traffic blaster and even Danica Patrick videos.

Upside: Amazing support based in the USA. 24 hours a day support with minimal wait times normally less than a minute or two. They have the most dependable and accessible servers in the industry. Their services are great and the people working there are understanding and helpful. They offer every service from marketing to web design and dedicated servers. They can work with small $10 websites up to corporate sites that require clusters of oracle servers. The company is on the ball and highly recomended. The only complaints are generally from people that just don't know what they are doing and expect too much. But if you are a web developer, programmer or webmaster it is a great place to host.

Downside: The system is very complicated. It seems like they have made simple tasks into major projects that take extensive learning to accomplish. The pages are over loaded with ads and every feature will cost you more money to use. As you build your website you have to keep buying credits or adding services that you need. If you don't mind the contstant battering of sales a few phone calls from their sales staff and an occassional text message or two then you won't mind using the godaddy site builder. Another problem is the support. While it is top notch and responsive they have so many support people that you never get the same person helping you. So each call may have you explaining your problem over and over if you have not sorted it out in one phone call.

Rating: ***** (5/5)

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