Using Professional Website Templates March 31 2010
Using Professional Website Templates For some reason people think using a website template is not professional. What do they think their page is when it is completed? It's a template for which all the internal pages are built. Template, template, template! If you are using any kind of dynamic programing like shopping carts, classified, availability calendars and such, you must have a template that the programming populates. It's just the way it works. That means 99% of the sites online are built using templates. There are tens of thousands of free website templates that can be downloaded online from countless websites. There are also paid templates that may or may not be better, but may offer a design you cannot find for free. With an abundance of free templates it does not makes sense to have a website that does not look professional. The downside of free templates is more

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Understanding HTML Links February 21 2010
Understanding HTML Linking We all click on links all day long to go from one site to another surfing the web but when we go to add a link to our own website we completely do not understand what it is. Is it magick? Is it some special program? How does it work. Well, you will be happy to hear it is very simple. It is just simple HTML which is nothing more than the directions for your browser to follow. To add a link you need to know just one thing, the actual address of the page or file that you want to link to. You format the HTML and when a person licks on that link they will be transported to the address you specified. So what makes it work? All of the hard work is done by the web browser, you just need to tell it more

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