RKT Website Constructors is a group of the leading website developers with decades of experience. One of the greatest think tanks online. While most of our work is for fortune 500 companies advising on large scale platforms, networks and building for unlimited growth, we also wish to offer our knowledge to the general public.

With the starting of rktconstructors.com we will begin to upload information about page building, website hosting, network design, and generating web based revenue. We do not have a formal schedule for the completion of this project so you may see new articles added frequently.

Our gold with this project is not to make money but to make our think tank services more visable to the general public.

We will endevour to provide direction and advice for the small business owner that cannot afford our $200 per hour rate. Although you wont have the personal interaction with our staff, you can still gather a good deal of knowledge from our informative articles and examples.

We will tell you how to master that #1 position on google, hold it and earn big. We will tell you how to turn a few dollars into a regular monthly revenue stream. We will tell you what to avoid and what to invest in.

Where you go from there is your own choice. We can only offer the answers, you have to make the final decisions abot what is best for your own buisness model.

Each of our articles is based on years of experience. The insight into each concept is not based on what the masses are discussing online but rather what we have learned and observed working on thousands of websites. Although our ideas may not be inline with the general beliefs, it is our opion that the top companies are seeking.

You have a unique opportunity to get inside our heads for free. Don't waste this opportunity by reading a better answer in a forum of teenagers that know everything. You can seek out a second opinion, but don't look for the answer you want to hear. Look for the answer that is correct.

Just because you don't like what you hear does not mean we are wrong. If you belive we are wrong, you are on the right track to lose a bundle of money with your web based business.

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